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I must confess that we have the smoothest lipliners! Our lipliners are used to contour the lips for a smoother shape before applying your lipgloss or lipstick. It creates a barrier between your lipgloss/lipstick and skin, this will keep your lipstick/lipgloss in place and precise! It also prevent your lipgloss from leaking to your chin, you can shape your lips with them make them look more even, fuller or just go over your lip shape to make it appear more visible and fierce.



How to apply lip liner in 5 simple steps.

1.  Exfoliate your lips with our lip scrubs (optional).

2. Moisturize your lips, with our lip oils.

3. Apply lip liner to the outer edges of your lips. 

4. Fill In your lips with the lipliner.

5. Apply your lipgloss or lipstick.