About us

A SparkleOfBella is a cosmetics business founded by Anabella O. A 20-years old college student. The idea came in mind in 2018, however I didn’t start working towards it until later on. The dream became real in 2020.


History/background information

I always knew that I wanted to be my own boss, since young. I would always participate in selling waffles and things for school and I really enjoyed doing that. I also went out to sell clothes on garage sales, just because I really enjoyed to negotiate prices and connect with people. I’ve always had the business/hustle side. 

There was a time that I would find so many business/entrepreneurs video’s stumbled across my YouTube.  I knew that they were meant to come past me because I had a lot of interests in them and couldn’t stop watching.

Since I am a very creative person who likes to wear makeup and do skincare routines, I knew that selling them would be suited for me. I started creating and formulating as soon as I knew I could make them! I find doing my makeup & skin care routine so therapeutic that it has even become a big part of my self-care routines. It’s just so enjoyable to me, to have a few minutes to myself & I know others enjoy it too. 



Skincare goal: 

We promote self-care & self-love by providing you with products that will help boost your confidence for you to feel beautiful inside & outside. Our goal with our skincare brand is to help people regain confidence in their own skin. Our safe and natural skin- and body care products will help you on your journey to healthy and beautiful glowing skin.

Since I’m a black girl, I‘m aware/I know of the most common skin concerns we melanin people have. This is why my skincare products are made with melanin in mind. We mainly specialize in products targeting: hyperpigmentation (dark spots, uneven skin, blemishes, insect bites) , acne & eczema.


The brand “A SparkleOfBella

We provide beauty products, skincare & body care to enhance the beauty you already have. Our brand believes that everyone is beautiful in their own way, we just want to be a little bit ‘Xtra sometimes and that’s okay. The purpose we work by is to empower individuals to love their self and their natural given beauty. 


Our name “A SparkleOfBella”

We wanted something not too obvious whereby people could already tell what the brand sells by a word in the brands name. We wanted our own unique naming with a logic reason behind it.

A Sparkle: A sprinkle

Bella: The name of the brand owner which also means beauty.

As we can’t give beauty because we believe everyone already is beautiful, we can only add unto the beauty you already have. This is why we sell what we sell to enhance your already given beauty, by doing skincare for example you are doing self care and are taking care of your inner beauty. It can be really relaxing.

My brand is more than just a brand for me, it is an expression of my creativity & I want everyone to be able to top tier their inner confidence. With A SparkleOfBella that is very much possible.

I hope you find something you like as we try our best to provide products made out of natural ingredients, good longevity & great quality. Everything we do, we do with lots of love.