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Our Lash and Brow Growth Serum is made with the most effective oils for hair growth. Use this serum to repair your damaged lashes or maintain your lashes. Simple add this to your day and night skincare routine and we can ensure you’ll see a difference in the length or/and thickness of your lashes.

Size: 10ml

Store in a cool and dry place to ensure the longevity and quality of the serum.

❕ This product contains nut oils, please do not buy if you are allergic of nuts.

❕ Patch test this product before use & no longer use if ANY irritation occurs.


- Prevents your hair from falling out. 
- Promotes hair follicles for new hair-growth.
- Strenghtens and Repairs your hair 

Will my hair fall out once I stop using this product?

No, your lashes won’t fall out caused by the stop of using this products. This is a natural formulated serum, that causes no damage to your hair. It’s natural for hair to fall out and grow back. However this product will have your new hair-growth stronger & thicker, you behold these benefits even when you stop using it.


Ingredients: Castor oil, Grapeseed oil, Vitamine E oil, Almond oil & Avocado oil.

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Best !!!

Mensen dit is echt beste ooooit mijn wimpers waren jaren kort dit heeft mijn leven gered ze groeien zo snel niet normaal ! Geloof mij bestel dit en je gaat zelf zien