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Glow Bundle - Face

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Glow Bundle - Face

Our Glow - Face Bundle

This bundle includes everything you need to fade away hyperpigmentation & stubborn spots.

Our Glow Bundle is suitable for all skin types, but if you have sensitive skin we would recommend you to opt for this bundle with the Glow Mask instead of the Turmeric Clay Mask. That mask is a jelly mask and soothes the skin. This bundle will ensure you to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate & moisturize your skin.

This bundle contains of:

  1. Turmeric Clay - Face Mask/Face Scrub (2x a week)
  2. Liquid Gold - Face Cleanser 
  3. Dark Spot Eraser - Face Serum
  4. Even Face Butter - Face Moisturizer


Information on the individual products can be found on their own pages, please check this to be sure you’re not allergic of any ingredients.

 ❕Tingling sensation of clay mask, opt for the same products but with Glow Mask instead of Turmeric Clay Mask if you’ve sensitive skin.

❕ Products are numbered in the way they should applied, from first to last.

❕ Please do wear sunscreen.

❕ Make sure to patch test, stop using if any irritation occurs.

Customer Reviews

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I love these ! My acne scaring was noticeably reduced within 2 weeks

I love these ! I have been consistent with the full regiment (except the mask cause I sometimes forget), but it’s reduced my hyperpigmentated scars by at LEAST 50%. I also added the rose oil which is reallly good, but as the products have turmeric I’d warn not to put them on straight before bed cause can stain bedding. Give at least 30 mins before bed ! 10/10 recommend , and I have tried OZ skin health and was using La Roshe Posay before this.