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Sapo/African Net Sponge

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African Net Sponges are amazing to keep your skin soft & smooth. They are made out of nylon, are exfoliating & durable, they can last up to 2 years.

They are also stretchable and make it easier to wash your back and underneath your feet. 

These are nothing like loofahs, they are more tougher yet still gentle to use on the body & they are not made out of synthetic & dry very quickly so they do not harbor that much bacteria. 

Our African Net Sponges are imported from the motherland Ghana, as you know many of my skin & body products have ingredients imported from Ghana. Since I have been using this since I was a child I thought not to gate keep and share it with y’all. This is my secret to soft skin!



• Exfoliates the skin very good, cleanses skin by removing dead skin & washing away dirt.

• They cleanse and exfoliate so you don’t need a scrub if you don’t want to.

• Unlike a loofah or wash cloth this dries fast, so it will not harbor bacteria.

• Improves blood circulation 

• Long enough to reach every part of your body.

• Lasts up to 2 years!

• Can be washed in the washing machine 

Size: Length = 120cm not stretched & 180cm stretched 

           Width = 40cm

❕It can give off some color the first couple times of use, but don’t panic.   


Wet the Sponge and add shower gel or soap with a bar soap. Scrub all your body parts & stretch out to clean hardly reached body parts. 

Tip: Pair with our Butters for soft & moisturized skin & smell great!

Care Instructions:
This doesn’t need to be washed frequently, but can be washed in the wash machine or with the hand. Hang to dry.  


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