About us

We are a cosmetica brand that provides beauty-, skin- & body products to enhance the beauty you already have. Our brand believes in everyone is pretty in their own way, sometimes we just want to be a little bit ‘Xtra and add unto/enhance the beauty we have & that’s perfectly fine! The purpose we work by is to empower individuals to love their self and their natural given beauty.

Our name “A SparkleOfBella”

We wanted something not too obvious whereby people could already tell what the brand sells by a word in the brands name. We wanted our own unique naming with a logic reason behind it.

A Sparkle: A sprinkle

Bella: The name of the brand owner which also means beauty.

As we can’t give beauty because we believe everyone already is beautiful, we can only add unto the beauty you already have. This is why we sell what we sell to enhance your already given beauty, by doing skincare by example you are doing self care and are taking care of your inner beauty.